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Found 6 results

  1. lynkfs

    responsive grid

    This post is about using the css-grid for responsive content. It happens often that the contents of a container need to re-arrange itself depending on the size (width) of the container, as in Using a css-grid for that purpose, the code is pretty minimal at just 5 lines : //container (w3panel) cards.handle.style.display := 'grid'; cards.handle.style['grid-template-columns'] := 'repeat(auto-fill, minmax(180px, 1fr))'; //set minmax to just a bit bigger than the card-width cards.handle.style['grid-gap'] := '50px'; cards.handle.style['justify-items'] := 'center
  2. lynkfs

    kodi grid

    @lennart posted a reference to a scrollable grid in Delphi Developer. See post here. Since he produced this grid in Smart Pascal, it might be of interest to forum members. This grid basically takes items of irregular dimensions and determines how to best fit those items in rows/columns. The code he posted doesn't work in my (latest) version of Smart, but with a few tweaks here and there I got it going. At least for strings that is. Icons/images are not fully implemented in the source he posted, but I'll take another look. Won't be too difficult. I like the marc
  3. lynkfs

    table grid

    the simplest of grids, based on the html <table> element usage var W3TableElement1 : TW3TableElement := TW3TableElement.Create(W3Panel1); //add 4 columns to the grid W3TableElement1.AddColumn('Name',200); //title, width W3TableElement1.AddColumn('Description',200); W3TableElement1.AddColumn('Type',150); W3TableElement1.AddColumn('Status',50); for var i := 0 to 2 do begin W3TableElement1.AddCell(i+1,1,'Name-'+inttostr(i)); //row,column,text W3TableElement1.AddCell(i+1,2,'Desc-'+inttostr(i)); W3TableElement1.AddCell(i+1,3,'Type-'+inttostr(
  4. Hello again. Is there any way to show a grid with the resizeable columns? I have tried TW3Grid adding columns and assigning their sizes. In resize I have assigned a percentage to each column (colCode = 5, colName = 80, colState = 15, for example) and I change the width to each of the columns: Grid1.Columns [n] .Width: = Grid.ClientWidth * colCode div 100, etc. The new columns are displayed correctly but those that already exist do not (it seems that the rows are simple concatenations of text). I do not know if it can be done with TW3CustomDBgrid, but I have not found examples. It is also impor
  5. Jon is still plugging away on the RTL Smart Mobile Grid part 3 Smart Mobile Studio Grid 2 Smart Mobile Studio Grid
  6. Hi all, how can I add a border to a grid, especially to the cells of the grid? This coding does work only for the grid itself, not for the cells: MyGrid := TW3Grid.Create(Self); MyGrid.Border.SetStyle(TW3BorderEdgeStyle.besSolid); MyGrid.Border.Left.Width:=1; MyGrid.Border.Top.Width:=1; MyGrid.Border.Right.Width:=1; MyGrid.Border.Bottom.Width:=1; MyGrid.Visible := True; The cells itself seem not to have a border property. Thanks in advance
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