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Found 3 results

  1. HI. I have this code and works ok (on application declaration unit) FHeader := TW3HeaderControl.Create(Display); FHeader.SetBounds(5, -10, 100, 40); FHeader.Caption := 'xxxxxx'; FHeader.BackButton.Caption := '←'; //arrow left FHeader.NextButton.Caption := '☰'; //hamburger menu FHeader.NextButton.OnClick := createMenu; ... procedure TApplication.CreateMenu(Sender: TObject); begin FfrmMenu := TfrmMenu.Create(Application.Display.View); FfrmMenu.Name := 'MainMenu'; Application.RegisterFormInstance(FfrmMenu, true
  2. Can support for the iBeacon API be added in the future?
  3. I recently had a look at Scott Helme's site, https://securityheaders.io Scott is involved in information security and his site explains in great detail how to enhance site security by means of http response headers. Quoted : "HTTP Response headers are name-value pairs of strings sent back from a server with the content you requested. They are typically used to transfer technical information like how a browser should cache content, what type of content it is, the software running on the server and much, much more. Increasingly, HTTP Response headers have been used to transmit security
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