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Found 3 results


    TMS Web Core

    Anyone seen the new TMS Delphi to html/ JavaScript components? http://tmssoftware.com/site/tmswebcore.asp I think this product is still in closed beta, to launch in a few weeks.
  2. lynkfs

    HTML Components

    I've built a suite of new HTML Components, targeted for quick and easy building of websites To test, I re-built the main pages of my own website using these components See www.lynkfs.com The good thing about these components is that they do not use the visual RTL objects at all, so are nice and light. The home page (index.html) for instance compiles to just 11K Most if not all of these components are composite, they are built up of multiple elements which means that page creation is a breeze The home page f.i. consists of just 5 components : a menu, a header, a product section in 3 columns, a contact form and a footer Doesn't take long to string these together There are no external dependencies, no additional js or css files (with the exception of Frow, which is a light weight css framework built around flex, and temporarily the menu component. The idea is to eliminate these in possible future updates). At the moment I've created the following components JNxHero A header featuring a hero image which fills 80% of the available screen-height with a title or business name, a sub-title and a call-to-action button. JNxHeaderTID A header featuring a title, a single image and a description. JNxFooter A footer featuring a title or business name, a sub-title and 5 social media buttons. JNxDivider A simple divider which can be used to visually separate other sections JNxMenu A fully responsive menu from desktop to mobile hamburger. Based on the lux-bar project. JNxSlider An image slider. Current element has the repeat set to once and takes 3-5 images. JNxProduct2 This ribbon features 2 columns where each column is an image and a description. JNxProduct3 This ribbon features a title, an image and 3 columns where each column features a description. JNxContact This ribbon is a contact form with a name, email and question section to grow contact list. JNxReviews This ribbon is a section to display product reviews or quotes with a description and author. JNxBlog This ribbon is a section to display blog entries - coming. JNxBuyNow This ribbon is a component to buy products. Paypal, debit and credit cards supported. JNxDonate This ribbon is a component to donate money. Paypal, debit and credit cards supported. with some more in the pipeline.
  3. Is it possible to display a variable source HTML text content in the W3IFrameHTMLElement component, instead of pointing src to to a URL? What I want to achieve is displaying dynamic web content in the W3IFrameHTMLElement , generated from code (not in /res folder or external URL). I have tested CSS-based examples on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9689109/how-to-display-javascript-variables-in-a-html-page-without-document-writewith no success. Is there a way of wrapping document.getElementById or document.querySelector calls in SmartMobileStudio's W3IFrameHTMLElement?