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Found 4 results

  1. Everyone, DEMO APP HERE: https://www.harmonicmix.com/200/ BUILT WITH: SMS Professiional BETA I am relatively new to SMS development, but not new to Delphi development. I have been slowly getting my hands wrapped around the power of SMS and I believe that it is a great tool and I see a lot of promise for rapid development. I have run into a number of hurdles and as a beginner, I have been slowly working through them with the hardest challenge to date being CORS as a new developer. Trying to get a server configured just so has been a challenge and something that can trip m
  2. I was looking to see how to add an icon to my mobile device application when building with PhoneGap and originally found this doc Icons and Splash Screens http://docs.phonegap.com/phonegap-build/configuring/icons-and-splash/ BTW, if you don't already know, you can have SMS generate a template config.xml file for you Project Options\ Linker \ Check - "Generate Cordova config.xml" and..............after trying some default icon declarations in my config.xml file, I found this very handy tool for generating all the correct size images you can declare in the
  3. I have a TW3Scrollbox on my layout. On the scrollbox I have a TW3Image, which I am trying to place below a label (fDates) and center it in the Scrollbox. The images is 150 X 150. I can't seem to get the image to display in the correct position using setbounds. Its always off to the right. when I use showmessages to display the image width and height, those are off too. How do I get the image to be sized 150 X 150 and center in the scrollbox? procedure TfrmNavigation.ResizeContent; begin fImage.SetBounds((fScrollBox.Content.clientWidth div 2)-75, fDates.Top
  4. A while ago I got the request to make an image gallery. Not the most challenging of tasks maybe, but after some discussion and thinking about it the list of requirements did become rather large. What about having to provide an easy management system of uploaded images, making it fit for all mobile and desktop devices - not only screen sizes but also resolution, building an easy upload facility of images, include a one-step upload process using the device camera if there is one, automatic client-side re-sampling to reduce file size etc. Fortunately there are a number of mature image manag
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