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Found 5 results

  1. This topic will go through all the steps that it takes to make a real mobile application for Android and iOS with Smart Mobile Studio. This first post gives some background while later I'll go deeper into details with proper examples. I've done this before three years ago. At that point I had to do a few hacks to work around problems. My plan is to make this as easy as possible in SMS and to fix any bugs that may pop up. To make proper applications for the Android and iOS app stores, we will be using Adobe's Phonegap. It's a service that can be used to turn a html5 application to a package that you can submit to the Android or iOS store. Phonegap's free plan will most likely be enough for you: Phonegap plans You can also install Cordova, which Phonegap actuallty is, on your own computer. If someone has done it, please feel free to contribute. However, when I did develop my own app three years ago, Phonegap worked beautifully. So, to get that Phonegap account, sign up to the free plan. Once you've logged in, you can choose between an open-source app or a private app. Phonegap lets you use existing Git repositorys, but I'll be using a zip -file. Now, how do you do that zip file? As an example: Start Smart Mobile Studio Open the Tabs, Scrolling and Listbox -demo from Featured Demos Build Go to the www -folder in File explorer Select all files inside the www-folder and zip them
  2. Hi, I got three questions: 1. Is there a plan to support Mac? I'm a Mac user and would love to try SMS for Mac. I plan to jump into mobile app development (especially on iOS) next year. I see SMS as a solution. 2. I'm a long time pascal programmer. And since SMS is a pascal variant, I expect common pascal units and RTL (especially from Delphi and FreePascal) are also available in SMS such as CRT, Graphs, SysUtils, Classes, DateUtils, Math, TypInfo, etc because I rely on those units a lot. I just want to make sure, are those unit available? 3. Is there a plan to make SMS for iOS? So I can code directly on an iOS device (especially the iPad). Thank you. Regards, -Bee
  3. Hi there, since updating the new alpha Scroll is completely broken on iOS only, android is fine. When setting the Scrollbar to sbIndicator one can see that the scrollbox itself is moving but the contents within remain stuck for whatever reason. Would be great to get this sorted asap. Cheers.
  4. I'm looking for simple SMARTMS code to detect the browser, operating system and device - to be used in a multi-platform mobile app.
  5. bee

    Pascal for iOS

    Hi... I'm a pascal lover. I love to code using pascal on everything. I've tried almost all pascal compilers available on earth since Turbo Pascal 5.5. My favorite pascal tool now is FreePascal. I'm also an Apple fan. I love my iOS devices... especially my iPad. And I'd love to code on it using pascal as well. Unfortunately, due to pascal as more compiled than interpreted language, it doesn't comply with Apple's rules. So I couldn't expect FreePascal to be available on iOS. I love to code, so I have to use other tools on iOS. My favorite coding app for iOS are Codea (http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/ using Lua) and Pythonista (http://omz-software.com/pythonista/ using Python). Codea is for more graphical and visual programming, it's very good. Pythonista is for more general purpose programming, it's also very good. I like both of them. Except one problem... they are not pascal. But as I found SmartMobileStudio, it compiles pascal code into javascript code, I see a hope. I think it's possible to write a coding app for iOS utilizing SMS technology. The user writes code in pascal, the app compiles it into javascript code, then run it inside a webview component. It's all on the iOS devices, no remote connection is needed. So, can you make an app to write and run pascal code using SMS on iOS devices? Please... I've been waiting such an app since the first time I got my first iOS device. If such app exists... I will buy it in a heartbeart right after it appears on the App Store! Such app is also good for kids learning programming on iOS devices. We're all know that the best language for those cute kids is Pascal. What do you think? Thank you. Regards, -Bee
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