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Found 1 result

  1. lynkfs

    parseInt question

    the function below calculates the relative brightness of a colour (specified in hex : #008080 = 'teal') //funtion to find the relative brightness of a colour (hex-code) function Brightness(colour: string): integer; begin asm function coloro(color) { if(color.length==7){color=color.substring(1);} var R = parseInt(color.substring(0,2),16); var G = parseInt(color.substring(2,4),16); var B = parseInt(color.substring(4,6),16); return Math.sqrt(R * R * .241 + G * G * .691 + B * B * .068); } @result = coloro(colour); end; end; and is used to determine the best text colour on specific backgrounds (brightness < 130 = white else black); Not unlike the ColorListBox project in featured demo's. The above algorithm is a bit different than that demo and supposedly more accurate. Function works well but I don't like the asm block. Does anyone know if there is a Delphi/Pascal routine available somewhere which does the same as the javascript parseInt function ?