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Found 6 results

  1. Ricardo

    Where is rtl folder?

    Hi. I want to document about RTL and I am looking for the folder with the .pas files, but I can not find it. Inside the installation folder there is only the "Local" folder, no RTL. I have version Professional.
  2. warleyalex

    5-min using RTL_2.3

    I recently recreated a SmartEmployee demo app that can be rated as a moderately easy single page application, using the outcoming RTL (aka RTL 2.3). I've recompiled with both versions: SmartEmployee ver RTL2.2.2 SmartEmployee ver RTL2.3 I've got a big main.js file size (496,208 bytes) using RTL_2.3. When the obfuscation/minification is enabled, you get around 180KB! The same project, now using the old RTL_2.2.2, I've got 169,280 bytes to 63,378 bytes=obf/minified. Another thing, the page load time has reduced greatly, around 15% using alpha RTL_2.3. If you don't know, the visual designer expects the controls/visual components to be derived from TW3CustomControl, which brings in a more heavy infrastructure. If you loop through out this base class and its children and grandchildren objects and so on, the new RTL aka RTL2.3, we'll have a much more heavy infrastructure (see) if you compare to the previous RTL2.2.2 (see) Here is the new inheritance chain: RTL 2.3 = ALPHA RELEASE +-------------------------------------------------------+ ¦ RTL 2.3 ¦ ¦-------------------------------------------------------¦ ¦ TObject ¦ ¦ |___TW3OwnedObject ¦ ¦ |___TW3OwnedErrorObject ¦ ¦ |____TW3CustomComponent ¦ ¦ |____TW3Component ¦ ¦ |____TW3TagObj ¦ ¦ |____TW3TagContainer ¦ ¦ |____TW3MovableControl ¦ ¦ |___TW3CustomControl ¦ +-------------------------------------------------------+ RLT 2.2.2 +------------------------------------+ ¦ RTL 2.2.2 ¦ ¦------------------------------------¦ ¦ TObject ¦ ¦ |___TW3TagObj ¦ ¦ |___TW3Component ¦ ¦ |____TW3MovableControl ¦ ¦ |____TW3CustomControl ¦ +------------------------------------+ This new structure chain is more flexible than the previous RTL_2.2.2 (SMS ver, but the issue is the big overhead - the final bundle file size has increased considerably! (around 480KB) or 147% bigger when comparing to the previous 2.2.2. I think this overhead can be reduced effectively using plugins to enable / disable some features, not necessary in the app. Actually, I didn't test the new TW3CustomComponent from System.Widget as base class, to create non visual component. Using TW3CustomComponent or TW3Component as the base class for non-visual components is very welcomed. Another thing: a. when you starting the app, you've got this ugly console message: Round-trip for Application.ReadySync, mainform not yet in ready-state main.js:58 Round-trip for Application.ReadySync, mainform not yet in ready-state main.js:58 Setting up mainform, exiting application.ReadySync b. the annoying page flicker, when you load a project, I'm getting a fast "black background" while load the main form. c. It inject some javascript files (watchers/observers) in the <head>. I don't know, I think this is considered as a bad practice by google. References: Smart Changes Smart Pascal: Information to alpha testers Sneak peek at the new Smart RTL - Part 1 Sneak peek at the new Smart RTL – Part 2
  3. IElite

    RTL Update

    Smart Pascal: Update specifics Smart Pascal: Download streams
  4. IElite

    Node.js by example

    https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/understanding-smart-pascal/ https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2017/01/16/smart-pascal-node-js-by-example/
  5. There's a potencial issue with array [0..4] of array [0..1] of Integer when you use an anonymous class. Please take a look at this POST
  6. The implements keyword could be used to implements multiple interfaces in external classes.