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Found 2 results

  1. lynkfs


    Every now and then I read something so refreshing, that it jolts the old braincells out of its rut. 10/GUI describes a new gui system concept which does away with keyboards and mice, relying on gestures instead Fun, and somehow very convincing Recently I needed a mechanism to cycle through an image carousel. There are different ways of doing this, but for touch enabled devices I opted for a one-finger swipe gesture. W3Image.OnSwipeLeft := procedure(sender: TObject) begin ... end; The implementation of OnSwipeLeft below is somewhat project specific, but includes the following
  2. lynkfs


    just for reference : I'm using the SmartCL.Controller.Swipe controller to enable swiping I noticed that on Android phones I need to change the default parameters to something like constructor TW3SwipeController.Create(const AOwner:TW3TagObj); begin inherited Create(AOwner); FHRange:=TW3SwipeRange.Create(20,90); // [min]---X---[max] //20-40 FVRange:=TW3SwipeRange.Create(20,90); // [min]---Y---[max] //20-40 Latency := 55; //35 Options := []; //[coStrictTarget]; end; otherwise it wouldn't detect a swipe reliably
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