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Found 3 results

  1. WebWorkers and Flow Based Programming It has been a while since I got as excited as I was when I read J.Morrison's book "Flow-Based Programming: A New Approach to Application Development - 2nd edition". This post is not meant to give an overview of FBP, but if someone is interested, the first edition of his book is available online for free. FBP utilises independantly running processes which are wired together in an assembly line type of arrangement. The main advantages are that each process runs on demand rather than on availability, components can easily be re-wired to impleme
  2. Seems the RO interface need an update following changes in RTL files organization. To be able to execute run a TWebWorkerThread, I had to remove SmartCL.System and W3System units from RemObjectsSDK.pas Unknown "window" error. But now calling RO services still fail with this message: Uncaught ReferenceError: RemObjects is not defined
  3. lynkfs

    Multi threading

    Multi-threading The below approach works. My question though is, is there a simpler solution to the story-line below or is this it ? Computationally intensive tasks can be processed separately from the single thread main js-loop using webworkers. In this case I want to separate an existing processor-intensive procedure (TForm1.TrainNetwork) into its own thread. postMessage is the mechanism which can cross process-space divides and is how the main program and webworkers communicate. This is somewhat different from the CustomEvent mechanism described by Jon in this article.
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