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Few questions about Smart Mobile Studio

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Hello all,


I  use delphi since V1 and Intraweb for my web apps with tms components for intraweb.  For web apps for mobiles i use intraweb+tms iphone controls for iphone.


I use many SGBD's with my apps (Firebird, Oracle, and sql server) with dbexpress or devart unidac components, do you have the same mechanisms with Smart Mobile ?


The idea of smart mobile studio is very interesting.


Do you have a link to download the product for tests ?






(sorry for my poor english)





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Smart Mobile Studio is a very different system to ordinary Delphi. The language is much the same, and we have also used some of the common concepts - but a program made with Smart is essentially a javascript app. If you want to connect to a database you will need to use a webservice to do so (in combination with our Ajax object).

We are planning to support local databases, which is provided by the browser (webdb)- but if you want to use other databases then again - a web service is the key. Its easy to forget that the compiler actually generates javascript, but all the rules of javascript and the browser environment apply.


The alpha program is full at the moment, but we are starting a beta test phase soon - you are free to send us an email then if you want to try it out.



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