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First off, great work on SMS, feels natural coming from delphi and looks to have a lot of potential.


My question:

Does SMS support Byte(normally in the System unit), if so, is there a Unit I need to include ?


Otherwise, how and where could I declare it as a custom type ?


Many thanks



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I'm no expert with SmartMS (just using it by myself for 2 days), but I would guess that a byte type is not necessary with JavaScript, as it will be translated to an integer type anyway. Thus the benefit of little memory overhead as in a compiled project does not really exists and thus there is no need for a byte type.


However, in case you want to use a byte due to the nice wrap around effect at $FF you would need to and your integer variable to mimic that effect.


For example:


i := (i + 1) and $FF; // limit i to byte values

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CWBudde is correct. Javascript does not support single byte datatypes.

You can however allocate a native array with UINT8/16/32 but those are usually used with buffers (see w3buffers.pas)


If you are processing a large number of bytes, then using a buffer would be faster.

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