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Access to the updates will stop after 1 year unless you continue the subscription. But you can ofcourse continue to use the product you have payed for. The subscription model makes it easier for us to make updates, since we dont have to deal with different targets. It's also easier for everyone because there will be no content or classes that is restricted to pro or enterprise versions. Everyone get's full access.


One of the cool features we have on the drawing-board is smartnet. Where you can log into our servers from the IDE on startup (if you like, its optional of-course). Here you can download units, buy/sell components, find hosting and data storage space. Updates will also be made automatic (the RTL can for instance be updated without a re-start).


The goal is: Whenever your new game or app is ready, you can get it online and operational with only a few clicks. You will also be able to use phonegap in the future via the IDE, which returns finished compiled Android and iOS apps ready for appstore.


So it's exciting times ahead :)

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