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Generally.... where is it at?

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I am very excited by this project. I can see much benefit to using it. Being able to leverage my pascal skills for web projects is awesome.


I have been using beta 2 for a few days to play around with possibilities and what I finding is that many properties that I would expect in Delphi are not available.


For example, setting font sizes for labels, setting a background for the form etc. I have figured out that I can access these properties using code. However, that is obviously not RAD. So my question I guess is


Given that this is a beta. Where are you headed, do you have a road map or over all idea of what we could expect in say 6-12 months? Will the properties etc be added?


I am keen to buy a license so it would be nice to get a peek at what we may expect in future updates. After the firemonkey debacle I would advocate for more open development/communication :)

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Monday is a good estimate :) And we like to keep things human and informal if possible (so no firemonkey esq scenes). Q roadmap will be comming up after the 1.0 release. It's a 1 year subscription model, everyone get's access to everything, no enterprise builds or any of the sorts. One for all and all for one. And updates, new units and improved IDE will come quite rapidly.


Databases and remobjects helper classes is on top of my list. We use remobjects quite a lot, so it's going to be nice to get those components done. When the local TClientDataset is done we will most likely aim for the remote dataset, which will bridge the gap. Updates for paying customers will be immediate - and when smartnet goes online, you can also buy and sell components, share snippets globally and more. And then, a big surprise that will make the guys over at phonegap go "damn" ;)


The component system will also see improvements, we have already figured out the property system - so you will be able to register your own components and have them work with the designer. But we have to walk one step at a time, and right now RPC and databases have pri over the dynamic property inspector.

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