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Is it up to the job?

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I have used the beta 2 version for a few trivial little projects. Very excited with it. Today I had a 6 hour meeting about future direction of our business and Smart Media Studio was discussed.



Our business creates tuition software to teach kids.


My question regarding web based html 5 development


Is SMStudio mature enough to :


1. create multimedia game like programs? i.e., simple game animations and sound and music.

2. Can SMS store and retrieve student data in a database?

3. Can SMS be used to make online applications that require access to database information? e.g., a student management system.


I can provide more detail however what I am after is either a


1. yes it can

2. yes it sort of can give it 12 months and it will be able to do all these things

3. No you would be better using XYZ


We currently have this type of software in Delphi but I would really like to leverage the web browser. A few years ago I would have said , Flash! These days I come to the conclusion of HTML 5 - would you agree?







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I would have to answere #2. Right now a person which knows his way around javascript and delphi will be able to use the network objects to talk with a webservice, and also write a small database wrapper. But i suspect you would like this out of the box?


Local (browser) database support is just around the corner, and support for remobjects services and REST, but like all HTML5 apps - any external database must be presented as a webservice (RPC). So you cant connect directly with a mySQL server via the browser (no javascript system can do that, except via websockets and a custom protocol). Thats just not how HTML5 works.


As for the other things, like making games and multimedia - that is absolutely possible. In fact several games have been made with Smart already - and with the touch interface it's also easy to make children games for the ipad/android marked.


In fact, i posted this only yesterday:



And also check out this browser game coded in smart:



HTML5 and javascript is the way forward. With the release of Microsoft Windows 8 and metro - javascript will take a central role in rich media development. And we will be there to tame the latest features.


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"So you cant connect directly with a mySQL server via the browser (no javascript system can do that, except via websockets and a custom protocol). Thats just not how HTML5 works."


What about something on the server side? For example, in delphi, you could write an ISAPI DLL you could then talk to. Do you know if there is anything that can be placed on the server side, that would then allow a SMM app to connect to mySQL?





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That will work. That is what i meant with having a webservice. We are currently adding remobjects support - which will make it a breeze to talk to servers :) The cool thing is that you can then re-cycle your service between native clients (on the desktop), mobile and ipad clients via smart - and get the best of both worlds.


It's important to use the right tool for the job. Sometimes intraweb will be the best solution, but for client side coding we feel we have by far the most advanced system on the marked.


In fact, the network objects we provide (in w3inet.pas) are the exact same objects javascript programmers use for their ajax and server communication. Except that our code is smaller since we have the benefit of pascal. Hopefully javascript programmers will see the light and discover delphi and freepascal through smart. It's the best community in the world with so much knowledge and power to offer.


But, talk is cheap - so we will prove it rather than just say it (roadmap will be published shortly). We cant catch up with 10+ years of delphi, but we will give dreamweaver and the othe javascript systems something to chew on. We are "spartans" after all ;)

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I like your tenacity! I do use Inraweb, and like it! I really am interested in seeing more of what SMS can do though. I look at the games and demos that i see on the delphi geeks blog, and your wesbite and say, well, i can do that right now using something as simple as GameMaker by YoYo Games (Mark Overmars) - for only 99.00. No GameMaker doesn't convert objectpascal into javascript, but it can accomplish all of what these demos do. It looks like YoYo games also now has an HTML5 version. Ive never tried it, so i have no idea of its capabilities.


I am interested more in the Database capabilities, and the capabilities of leveraging the smartphone market (Iphone and Android).


I am looking forward to seeing a roadmap, regardles of how generalized it is.

Also looking forward to seeing simple demos (baby steps) of accomplishing things.


I think over time, more people will create blogs, and youtube videos


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Hm. Somehow the wordpress installation deleted my previous reply when i updated the plugins.

In summing up, yes we are tenacious. This project is not just about us but about object pascal. When we started it was said to be impossible to do this, so we have worked very hard to prove the negative people wrong. And we are not going to stop until it is as polished as delphi 7 was for windows xp.

As a bonus a lot of our work is piped back to to the community, like synedit fixes, dws fixes and a lot more sub projects. One of the fundamental principles for smart mobile, was that it should all be done in delphi. We could have saved a lot of time by mixing in C++ components, but that would be cheating (or not a true victory over the problem). When a C# programmer said to us that delphi was obsolete.. that was really what ignited the fire so to speak, and we decided to go for it. And the goal is to provide something that is much better than what you would get if you were a native javascript coder, and also something that is familiar if you already know object pascal. And i never back down once i have started something, so tenacity is a mild word for our resolve.

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