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Grid - drag and drop

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A grid, like TStringGrid under delphi will no doubt be added. But it's not high on our list since it's fairly easy to make. Since this is html you could easily generate a table rather than a div tag (see how the controls are implemented under w3ctrls.pas), and then create a TTableRow list, and a TColumns list. Or you can cheat and just do:


[sourcecode language=delphi]

FMyControl.innerhtml:='<table width="100%"><tr><td>first</td><td>second</td></tr></table>';



For the drag and drop stuff, just wrap the html drag & drop events (although these are scheduled to be added to the RTL shortly).


I'll see if i can whip up a demo for you later, right now i'm working on replacing the designer in the IDE with something a bit more "delphi" like :)

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