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purchase through share-it

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I have just purchased through share-it.


To be honest I don't feel comfortable with it. In order to complete the transaction I have agreed to pay every year. What if I don't want to? I almost cancelled my order. But I figured I should be able to switch that off. I do not like large bills coming off my CC without me knowing before hand. How do I change it so that I am not automatically billed after 12 months?


Also, the fact that I cannot download the product at the end is disconcerting. The whole purchase process is a bit bewildering to be honest and doesn't inspire confidence. I hope to have access to the product soon. I really suggest you make the purchasing much much clearer.

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Thank you for the feedback, Czar. And I do agree with you! In fact, Share-it has been a big disappointment for us as vendors as well...


It is not our intention to automatically withdraw your CC every year - it never was. The subscription part was added to the product to make it easy to manage renewals. But for some reasons, Share-it wont let us remove the subscription thing once it is added. Seriously!


Well, lots of such small annoyances was the reason that we added the dead simple Gumroad solution.


Regarding the download, I'm not sure what you mean. Just download the setup file from our public download area. There is no dedicated full version installer. The trial installation is also the full installation. If you have used the trial, then you have been asked to enter the reg.key during startup. Just enter the reg.key that Share-it sent you. It is the reg.key that is the essential part of the purchase.


As a UX guy, I'm really ashamed that we didn't get a better web shop solution in place immediately (or a better forum solution, or a high-res application icon, or a zillion other small things that annoys me). But the developer in me tells me to push more features into the product and that all users will forgive these issues when they figure out all the advanced capabilities of Smart ;-)


We hope to gain some trust by showing that we are serious about our product and that we have high ambitions for the future...


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Hi thanks for the reply.


I am keen to see what you come up with this year. I have a number of ideas on how I want to use this product. I haven't had much time with it. I have developed game like programs for years with DelphiX (and Omega, DanjetX) so I am hoping I can do similar things with SMS.


I agree share-it is not the best. I have manually "canceled" my subscription. I assume that that means I just don't get auto billed next year.

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