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Events will come - but they will be delegate objects and not just "ad hoc" events. In delphi delegates were called "multi events" i think, there was a code library for it sometime in the past.


The idea is that you create an event object (an event listner). The benefit is that you can have many event handlers reacting to the same event.


But for now, events is a "code only" feature. I rarely use a designer when writing mobile apps myself (neither in C# or object pascal), but i realize that many people do - and will try my best to make everybody happy. But first, we have some fixes ready and some missing IDE features that must be in place :)


We have already started on replacing the mock designer with something more "delphi" like :)

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It is a shame that 10 months on and these features are still no closer to reality. Seriously it is these basics that your average user, like me, are looking for. The potential of SMS is huge however, for now that potential is not close to being fulfilled. :(


If I could use SMS and Contruct 2 I could have our entire suite of software (1500 delphi programs) rewritten as a web based application. However, at the moment SMS is just too clunky.

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No problem.


Just out of curiosity: If you already have lots of projects (coded in Delphi), and you would like to convert these to Smart. Wouldn't it be easier to try to "transform" these to Smart as pure code-based solutions? I.e. with runtime creation of the visual appearance (ands the events).


It depends a bit on how the code is organized and how much rework you would like for the visual layout, of course, but the first though that strikes me is that you should create a simple "adapter project" that reads the dfm and generates "InitializeObject" code for Smart.

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