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Ok, so now i have no avatar at all, and when i went to to the forum today, it mad me re-login (and i couldn't remember the user name and password)....but i finally figured it out.


What is going on?


BTW, how was CWBudde able to get his photo on here?



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I do have to say this forum is very difficult to use. I know you have talked about replacing it. It would certainly help to be able to get a list of "most recent posts" or "posts since my last visit. Also to be able to attach images and zips would be good.

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@IElite. The default avatar was reset to "Mystery man" during an WordPress update. Sorry. "Generated Retro Avatar" is back :-)


Perhaps the WP update was responsible for the re-login to. It should be fairly easy to reset the password with the "Forgot password" on the login-site.


I'm not sure what CWBudde did. He has probably a gravatar.com account. (BTW (if you're not familiar with gravatar.com): at gravatar,com you sign up for a single account and can register several e-mail addresses with this account).


We wont require that you sign up for gravatar account to get your avatar here, of course!. I'm just telling you what's been going on.


I'll have a look at the avatar issue right away.


I have already tested a few signature plugins, but they didn't work :-(

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