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Trying Remobjects with 1.0.1 beta

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I am trying 1.0.1 remobjects support with a simple Sum function. The server is working and tested with a delphi client on the same machine. I get an "message":"Invalid response: unsupported binary message signature" error. Am I doing something wrong?


procedure TForm1.ButtonOnClick(TSender: TObject); 
  var channel := TROHTTPClientChannel.Create("http://localhost:8099/Bin"); 
  var msg     := TROBINMessage.Create(); 
  var service := TSmartService.Create(channel, msg); 
  service.Sum(1, 2, 
    procedure(aResult: Integer) 
      ShowMessage('Result = ' + IntToStr(aResult) ); 

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I will try the JSON message. But the demo seems to be using the BIN channel?


from the RemObjectsSDKChatDemo demo:


 FChannel := TROHTTPClientChannel.Create("http://" + C_Host + " : 8 0 9 9/BIN"); 
  FMessage := TROBinMessage.Create; 
  FService := THTTPChatService.Create(FChannel, FMessage); 
  FEvents  := TROEventReceiver.Create(FChannel, FMessage, '', 1 * 1000); 
    procedure(aEventObject: TObject) 
      var info := HTTPChatEvents_OnLogin(aEventObject); 
      var v: variant; 
        @v = @info; 

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Everything works fine here, but not with internal SMS browser though. If you open your Smart app with other browser like FireFox or with Chrome for example, it should work with both type of channels.


Event support only works with TBINMessage though, and not with TJSONMessage, as it is also the case in RO for Delphi. But I believe people at RO are working on event support for TJSONMessage in RO for Delphi. When ready SMS can also profit of event support for TJSONMessage type.

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Yes there are some limitations with the internal browser. It doesnt support all the features. You can disable it in the preferences menu and only run the server - and then use whatever browser you want. Since webkit has most support, I would use either Chrome or Safari.

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