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I sent an email to support regarding this, five days ago, and have not heard back from anyone.


Can you tell me how the cache works?


When i run my storage example app using the SMS built in browser, my values load and show in the memo box.

If I then close the app (and do not close SMS) and re-run the app, they will load and show in the memo box as well.


If I close SMS and restart it, load my application and run it, the values will not load. I assumed this was how session storage worked, not local storage


However, If I do these steps using my default browser (IE), they willl load if i close SMS down , restart it and execute my application and display it using my default browser.


NOTE: I tried it again after making FIREFOX my defualt browser and it worked as the SMS built in browser did. (that is like session and not local)


1.) How does the local storage work with the cache? Is it different accross browsers?


2.) How do i clear cache from within SMS?


3.) What flavor is the SMS Built in browser? Mozilla?




Shane Holmes

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The easiest way to find out about the features of a JS object, is to check the JS documentation. For instance:




or (more technical)




and our own docs:




In short:


All the different storage objects are persistent, except session-storage, which is removed from memory when you browse away or quit the JS app.


Our buildt-in browser is Chromium, which is a webkit based engine. When you quit smart all storage keys are deleted (it's an embedded browser).


Clearing the browser cache can only be done via the browser itself (from the user), but to remove a key you can use the "removeItem()" javascript method.



var mHandle: THandle; 

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Thanks, between this info and the info Lennart emailed me, i now have a full understanding.

The built in browser "forgets" everything between sessions (e.g when you close the IDE everything is lost). It's an embedded version of Chromium btw (webkit)

This is the only difference between a normal browser and our embedded version. A normal browser would remember your values until the cache is erased.

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