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I was at the Embarcaderro XE3 launch yesterday in Auckland. Their scatter gun approach to future development is a concern. One interesting thing is their announced product Mobile Studio. A stand alone IDE to make apps for iOS, Android etc etc. I hope you guys continues to get traction with SMS.

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Oh, yeah.


We are soooo ready to join this "battle" and prove that Smart Mobile Studio is a good alternative to these products.


If I have understood the EMB Mobile Studio product correct, it´s PHP-based and server-side. Smart Mobile Studio is Pascal based (compiled into JavaScript) and pure client-side. The advantages of Smart Mobile Studio wrt mobile development (and web development, actually) are so many! We definitely have a job to do when it comes to information about what SmartMS really is, and what you can achieve with this product.


Unfortunately, we´ve been suffering from Jon Lennart´s temporary absence these last few weeks, but I can assure you that he really needs these weeks to get back on his feets, and that he is very ready to get back to work. (Did I mention that he has added database support to Smart while he was down? The webSql wrapper will probably be included in the next release, too :-) ).



Regarding the "Mobile Studio" name, I don´t think there´s much we can do about that :-( - even though we have trademarked "Smart Mobile Studio" (http://tsdr.uspto.gov/documentviewer?caseId=sn85636542&docId=FTK20120531061554).


I find i strange that they went for that name, btw. One of the main issues we thought of when we chose the name, was the google-ability. If you try to google "Delphi Mobile Studio" today, you´ll only get lots of "Smart Mobile Studio"-hits...


Best regards.



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