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Well, I think it went OK. (But the audience is the real judge here...)


We covered the background for Smart Mobile Studio, and went trough some coding examples.


One thing I realized while I was preparing the speech, was that Smart actually have embraced lots of technologies, and proved that it is a very powerful framework. Sprite3d, WebGl, Canvas, MultiMedia support, SVG, Box2d, JSON-support, RemObjects-server connection, Steema TeeChart Components, ObjectConnect support, Browser-based Accelerometer, Geo-location, Gestures and MultiTouch, and PhoneGap-based Compass demos. Too much for such a short session, and we really need to promote/show these things better on the web!


The thing I realized during the session itself, was that the average programmer knows less about the product than we would like to believe. A simple, but thorough, explanation of what Smart really is is important. This basic understanding is also essential to explain what Smart is capable of and which opportunities it provides.


We should also have more room for questions. These clever guys were really interested and had lots of interesting questions.




Verona is next, in October:





Here we will also have a stand and more time to speak with developers between the sessions.

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