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Need swipe gesture example

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Add the unit "W3Touch.pas", open it and have a look.

It's all there, you just have to add events for it :)

Gestures are introduced in TW3CustomControl:

    FOnGestureStart: TGestureStartEvent; 
    FOnGestureChange: TGestureChangeEvent; 
    FOnGestureEnd: TGestureEndEvent; 


Simply add an event-handler to your panel for each event, and catch the gesture information (you must include w3touch.pas to your uses clause).


Standard gestures like a swipe, well, I would just track the x pos of a touch and determine if it's less than the start position. You can also time the speed of the swipe (touch-start/end) and then decide if it should be considered a "swipe".

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