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Javascript reverse engineering

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I created a “button click” procedure, which calls my RemObjects server. Because I have to call some pure Javascript code, I used the “asm” keyword for my “low level” code:

procedure TForm1.ButtonClicked(Sender:TObject); 
  s1, s2, s3: string; 
  s1 := Self.FEdit1.text; 
  s2 := Self.FEdit2.text; 
    var service = new NewService("http://localhost:8099/JSON&quot  ; 
    service.Sum(@s1, @s2, function(sumresult) { 

OK. In the compilation phase, SMS converts the DWScript Pascal into a JavaScript, creates an index.html containing this script and displays it in the built-in browser.


Around the compiled javascript in the index.html, I would like to copy all the functions executed for a particular flow (for example, a function ButtonClicked and its dependencies), and use them in another framework.


Can I use functions generated by SMS in another JS framework (jquery)?





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