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array of const

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Hi all!

Is it possible to declare a function with a parameter of type "array of const"?


The compiler is throwing an error when I use this kind of parameter (if I don't use it in the function, everything goes fine):


[iDE] Internal error. Code-generator threw exception ECodeGenUnknownExpression with message TdwsJSCodeGen: unknown expression class TOpenArrayExpr:SQLFormat [line: 488, column: 126, file: mORMotClient]


Is it a bug or am I missing something?


Best regards,


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Hi Eric!

Sorry for my previous posts, I was trying to send any reply and those worked... :(


Thank you for your answer. I am using the latest version ( The complete code is as follows:


here the code


If the line "LActualSQLWhere:=..." is commented out, then it compiles without problems. If it is not, then the error appears.

I tried using directly the variable (as shown in the code) and passing it before to TVariant.AsString like: "TVariant.AsString


(BoundsSQLWhere)", and in both cases I got the error.


Best regards,


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