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About captcha! :(

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Jast entered my prev. post after 3 trys


because of wrong words in comlicated captcha!


Try to do it by yourself!


Do you realy think it is very need to do for registered users?


I registered on about 50 forums - and yours is the first were need to enter captcha AFTER registration!


Do you afraid of whom or what? Your future clients?


Wrong bigining..............

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Sorry about that.


We initially had a very open forum with no captcha at all, but when we woke up to 200 spam posts day after day - we had to do something. The current solution was the most convenient bbBress solution we found back then...


I'll see what we can do to avoid this. Either tweak the existing settings, or change the plugin or elevate the rights of all you trusted users.





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  • Administrators

We have now removed the whole captcha thing and replaced it with a much cooler "engineer verification" ;-)


IIRC, I believe we added a strict "reply" policy, to avoid spam from already registered spam robots. Hopefully this is not needed anymore...


With the new verification system, you need to solve a simple math task during registration and password recovery.  Not during login and reply...





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