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Could you provide some example code

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Wrote a while ago about it: http://delphitools.info/2012/02/06/small-is-beautiful/

Another example is http://delphitools.info/WarTrail/index.html which is just shy of 47 kB gzipped & compressed (and is completely negligible compared to the rest of the UI resources, images & sound).

Also the options should be active in the trial IIRC, so you can download and try for yourself on the included demos.

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in trial this options are disabled, so i can't check it by myself.


think for the better promotion of the product need clearer comparison, as they solve a particular problem, and like you do it with smart, and above the demo - it's just a spherical horse in a vacuum, without giving an idea of ​​your strengths sides - just imho.........

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You also need to take the technology into account. jQuery is as the name says - a query library for the DOM which makes it easy to select and work with a selection of tags. You also have a thin CSS skin over the html to make it look and feel like a real program. But it has nothing of what a real compiler can deliver. It has no classes, no inheritance, no overloading -- to even compare with jQuery is a bit like comparing a battleship with a roing boat. If you needs are small then a roing boat might be all you need, but if you want the benefits of delphi/object pascal under the browser - then your have to look at the real facts. You cant put jQuery against smart because there is little to compare. We dont need to query the dom, we have keept the standard object model - so there is no benefit from doing what jQuery does.

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