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RemObjectsSDK Demo does not compile

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The RemObjectsSDKChat demo does not compile in SMS


Syntax Error: There is no overloaded version of "Create" that can be called with these arguments [line: 61, column: 32, file: form1]

FEvents := TROEventReceiver.Create(FChannel, FMessage, '', 1 * 1000);


Can you rectify this as I'm implementing a chat function


By the way, I just bought SMS and what a relief to be able to code in Delphi/Pascal again. I've used the Borland/Embarcadero products from Turbopascal for Dos up to XE3 but this is really nice. Keep the updates coping !

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I don't have that specific version right now, but it's probably due to a missing constructor (did you do an upgrade of an older (demo) version?).

The definition of TROEventReceiver in RemObjectsSDK.pas should be:




TROEventReceiver = class external 'RemObjects.SDK.EventReceiver'


procedure SetActive(aValue: Boolean); external 'setActive';

function GetActive: Boolean; external 'getActive';


constructor Create(aChannel: TROHTTPClientChannel; aMessage: TROJSONMessage; aServiceName: string; aTimeOut: Integer);overload;

constructor Create(aChannel: TROHTTPClientChannel; aMessage: TROBinMessage ; aServiceName: string; aTimeOut: Integer);overload;


procedure AddHandler(aEventname: string; aCallback: TEventCallback); external 'addHandler';

property Active: Boolean read GetActive write SetActive;




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