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FPS and loading time

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200 FPS in Chrome (with hardware acceleration), 30 FPS in FireFox (could be a VSYNC capping).


I'm also seeing 180 FPS on the iPad2, though couldn't move (no keys).


Load times appeared negligible, however there was a slight lag when first accessing your website (looked like a DNS issue, it's not present in subsequent access or when refreshing, could be your host/ISP fault).

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On my iMac/OS X:


Chrome: 230

Firefox: 30

Safari: 230



On my MacBook Air/OS X:


Chrome: 225

Firefox: 240

Safari: 220



On my Win7 virtual machine (on my MacBook Air):


IE: 315

Chrome: 240

Firefox: 210

Safari: TypeError, 'undefined' is not a function


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