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Load TW3Images from an array

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I load all my images from the res/ folder into an array using the code from the ZenSky demo.

I have placed this code in the Application unit


    FImages:  Array of TW3Image; 
    FNames:   Array of String; 
    FCounter: Integer; 

(* number of images loaded into the cache *) 

  (* names of images to load *) 

  (* create equal number of image elements *) 
  for x:=0 to FNames.length-1 do 

(* initiate async loading on all *) 
  for x:=0 to FImages.Length-1 do 



I want to be able to assign the images to a TW3Image on another form. Example




I dont get any errors, all i get is an outline of a TW3Image control



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Sorry about the late response.


Yes. It is possible to convert the images to Base64 strings and include them in your project.

Take a look at the TSmiley demo. Here we have created a dedicated class to show various smiley images, and all the smiley images are included as string constants.



15 minutes later



I got a bit carried away here, so I altered the TSmiley class to a TCoinImage class :-)


Now you can just create a TCoinImage class and set the denomination you would like to show.

(Oh. Please give me some feedback on the terminology. Is "Denomination" OK to describe "Value"?)


  FCoinImage: TCoinImage; 
  FCoinImage := TCoinImage.Create(Self); 
  FCoinImage.SetBounds(40, 40, 100, 100); 
  FCoinImage.Denomination := Low(TCoinDenomination) + RandomInt(High(TCoinDenomination)+1); 



The images are represented like this (full code in demo below):

  CCoinImage: array [cdOneCent..cdOneDollar] of string = 
//** cdOneCent **// 
'g6OIisr74Xuja9a89+bN/rXXPues852zzwfACAyWSDNRNYAMqUIeEeCDx8TG4eQuQIEKJHAAEAiz' + 


The "show image" magic:

  InnerHTML := '<img valign="middle" align="middle" alt="" ' + 'src="' + GetCoinImage + '" />'; 



Full project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpediv9bom6u5e6/TCoinImage%20%28based%20on%20TSmiley%29.zip

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