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Form not showing in browser

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just discovered why this happens.

I have this declaration in the file added to the uses clause:



aRecord = record

string1, string2 :string;



It should have been


aRecord : record

string1, string2:string;



Shouldn't SMS detect the previous declaration as a Syntax Error?

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Both forms are correct, though your first form fails because of a bug in the codegen that has since been fixed.


The first form (var aRecord = record ...) declares and initialized a variable to an anonymous record type (http://delphitools.info/2012/05/29/fields-default-values-anonymous-records/), while the second form (var aRecord : record ...) declares a variable of an anonymous record type (no initialization).


In both cases, the record type is anonymous because it's not named, it would be named if you had declared it with "type TMyRecordTypeName = record ...".



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