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Read and Write to Cookies

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You can use the W3CookieStorage unit, it exposes a "Cookies" static class.


For instance


Cookies.Values['test'] := 'hello';


will write 'hello' to a cookie named 'test'. You can read a cookie in a similar fashion, or use the methods WriteString/ReadString (WriteString also allows to specify the cookie expiration).


Finally the Erase method will erase a given cookie.

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Do you have any migration details for Cookies management?


I think ASmartBook samples have not been upgraded


I've added in uses:

System.Widget, SmartCL.Storage, SmartCL.Cookies,

SmartCL.Storage.Session, SmartCL.Storage.Local, SmartCL.Storage.Cookie


But I'm stuck with "Cookies" intance

output.Text := Cookies['ASmartBook-Key'];




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