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Exit application and resizing graphics

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I wanted to see how SMS and Phonegap worked together, and given a simple app, I must say everything just works. However, I have a couple of questions, related to running the packaged app on Android platforms.


1. How do you close an application? In Delphi, I would write Self.Close. I tried Application.Terminate, but the app looks like it's still present, just that there is no form displayed.


2. If I have a TW3Image on a form, I can't resize it via pinch-zoom-in and pinch-zoom-out, unlike what I can do if the image was viewed in a browser. Is there some setting to enable that function?


Thanks in advance.


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1) isn't it sort of 'not done' to close a mobile app ?

The user should be the only one able to close

I understand Apple rejects apps for the app-store which have this behaviour


btw : Ch 5.8 ASmartbook gives some pointers on closing events if the app needs to do something on closing


2) I haven't tried it myself, but pinch-zoom on Phonegap seems to work in combo with iScroll


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It is not used when it is a web app. However, when you wrap an html5 app into cocoon or similar then it can function like a regular app. So there are cases where you need to be able shutdown the application.



I will try



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