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Send binary stream with WebSocket

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according to the API...


...the send() method can send a string, Blob, or ArrayBuffer


So you could try to use JBlob or JArrayBuffer (from lib.Core.pas)


And there is something with JWebsocket.binaryType you can do:


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I have made a copy from lib.Core and renamed part of it. I have tried to create a ArrayBuffer with UInt8Array.set and UInt8Array.new but it doesent compile through the creation ?


procedure TFmClient.Bt_SendBinaryClick(Sender: TObject); 
  n  : Integer; 
  A  : array of integer; 

  ArrayBuffer : JArrayBuffer2; 
  UInt8       : JUInt8Array2; 
  BufferView  : JArrayBufferView2; 
  UInt8_Core  : JUint8Array_Core; 
// ws.binaryType:='ArrayBuffer'; 

  for n:=0 to 7 do A[n]:=n; 

  memo1.text:='Done '; 

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