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I gave the Grid component as bundled with V2 a go.


The workflow is to define the grid, then the columns, then the rows and last the cells


MyGrid := TW3Grid.Create(Self); 
MyGrid.Color := cllightblue; 

MyColumn1 := TW3Column.Create(mygrid as IW3ColumnsControl); 
MyColumn1.Width :=200; 
MyColumn1.Header.Caption := 'header1'; 

MyColumn2 := TW3NumberColumn.Create(mygrid as IW3ColumnsControl); 
MyColumn2.Width :=200; 
MyColumn2.Header.Caption := 'header2'; 
MyColumn2.TextAfter := ' AUD';   // special for number columns 
MyColumn2.TextBefore := '$ '; 


MyGrid.AddRow(2); // add 2 rows 
MyGrid.Cell[0, 0].SetValue('kkk'); 
MyGrid.Cell[1, 1].SetValue(300); 


This works. The standard package has a number of problems. The following solutions have been provided by the author (Berg) :


The headers are being overwritten when scrolling up/down. This can be solved by adding the following script to the css file :

.TW3ColumnHeader { 
  color: #fff; 
  font-size: small; 
  font-weight: normal; 
  background: #9e2b83; 
  border-right: 1px solid #b660a2; 
  padding-left: 4px; 

The other problem is that the BeforeText parameter for Number Columns does not work. Changing the following code will solve that :


function TW3NumberColumn.GetDisplayHtml(Sender: TW3Component; Value: Variant): String; 
  Result := FloatToStr(Value, FPrecision); 

  Result := TextBefore + Result + TextAfter; 

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