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Scrolling Version 2

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To enable kinectic scrolling I improvised the following hack in Version 1, which works great and gives me fast form scrolling on touch devices. See www.lynkit.com.au/smsweb/index.html for an example.


Now in Version 2 this doesn't work quite as well.

The same hack enables scrolling but it is not kinectic and a bit sluggish.

See www.lynkit.com.au/smsweb/index2.html


The hack consists of 3 parts :

- set the style of the forms to overflow:auto

- add eventlisteners for touchstart and touchmove and calculate the displacement from the top

- add -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; to the body/html


I've tried various angles but it seems to me that V2 somehow disables kinectic scrolling somewhere.

Any idea where to look ?

Is there a better way of doing this ?




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