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TPointF vector functions are broken

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There's a very obvious bug in TPointF.Displace (but not TPoint.Displace).  Have a look; you should spot it in no time flat.


Also, once that's worked out, there's also something wrong with AngleTo.  And that's partially my own fault; I'm the one who provided the original implementation, and I missed something somewhere.  I'm not clear on exactly what the problem is, but there are certain angles where point.displace(1, point.AngleTo(point2)) does not result in a move closer to point 2.  I'm going to have to look at it further, but if there's anyone here with better trig skills than me, I'd welcome any help.

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Fixed for TPointF.Displace.


The error for AngleTo seems to be similar (and X instead of an Y when computing dy).


However the following implementation would be preferable anyway:

function TPointF.AngleTo(const aPoint: TPointF): Float; 
   Result := ArcTan2( aPoint.Y - Y, aPoint.X - X ); 

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Wow, it is the same problem. Somehow I missed that.  That's kind of embarrassing... :P


Thanks for the atan2 solution.  I didn't know about atan2 when I wrote that.  That makes it a lot simpler, and it appears to be correct now.


BTW I had a heck of a time debugging this, because every time I would change the code, it would get changed back when I built since I'm apparently working on a copy of the RTL, and the "master copy" is hidden somewhere completely different that Smart never tells you about so I had to go search for it.  Is there any way we could get that replaced with some more user-friendly behavior?  Thanks.

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