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Wrap Leap Motion ?

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in theory (as far as I know) it should be relative easy because the leap already communicates via websockets (html5).


There is also a typescript wrapper for it, which we can easily convert to pascal: https://github.com/logotype/LeapMotionTS


Do you have a leap motion controller yourself?

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well, I think you can order a Leap Motion Controller now :)


I have generated the pascal classes for this library: https://github.com/logotype/LeapMotionTS


Note: you should include this .js file as resource or directly in html or whatever: https://github.com/andremussche/AndrewsDelphiStuff/blob/master/Smart/LeapMotion/leapmotionts-1.0.9%2B8391.js


And then use this wrapper in smart: https://github.com/andremussche/AndrewsDelphiStuff/blob/master/Smart/LeapMotion/leap.Core.pas


For more information how to init and use this library, see the website of the library: https://github.com/logotype/LeapMotionTS


(it seems this lib already does a number of cool processing like gestures!)


By the way, I know a dutch team is trying to make leap useable in Delphi, but they have troubles with interpreting the data stream (gestures etc): http://www.blaisepascal.eu/

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