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Is there alread a constant for a line break in the RTL?


In Delphi there is sLineBreak and in .Net we have Environment.NewLine.


It would be great to have such simple thing also in SMS. I don't want to use #13#10 as hardcoded value.

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Is there an update to this for the new Alpha? 
Neither of these seem to work.

QuestionLabel.Caption := subQuestion + sLineBreak + anotherString;
QuestionLabel.Caption := subQuestion + #13#10 + anotherString;

Initialise code:

QuestionLabel := Tw3Label.Create(QuestionPanel);
  Questionlabel.WordWrap := True;
  QuestionLabel.AutoSize := False;
  QuestionLabel.Font.Size := 25;
  QuestionLabel.AlignText := taCenter;
  QuestionLabel.FOnt.Color := $FFFFFF;


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