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Reports on demand using Smart Mobile + Datasnap

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SmartMS has some basic controls,but there a lot of missing controls. So I have decided to implement an example using a weird approach: put controls by hand using HTML templates but code is done with pure pascal SmartMS, no visual designer is used in this example, I have just bind smart pascal to javascript in HTML templates.


This mini-video is intended to demonstrate the use of a web service (is a REST DataSnap server)

that provides reports on demand to mobile client applications (here I'm using Smart Mobile Studio).

See at:


Using smart visual designer, I think there is an issue related to combobox control rendering not working properly on Android platform. I'm not sure if this is happening on real hardware.

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Nice demos!


We'll need to look into that combobox on Android issue you have.


What exactly is the problem, and which Android/browser version do you use?



On an Android, the dropdown would normally be presented as a pop-up dialog or as a spinner at the bottom of the screen.



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Select boxes doesn't seem to listen to click events when they work as expected on Firefox and Chrome. Just verified this behaviour on android emulator. Select box doesn't popup lists Employee/Customers/Category.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


<select id="category" placeholder="Select a report">


<option value="" disabled="disabled" selected="selected">Select a Report</option><option>Employee</option>







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