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SMS license problems.

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On 3/31/14 I purchased a SMS license and was sent a key.  I entered this in and was good to go.


Today, on 4/30/14, my SMS informed me that my license has expired as of 5/1/14.  Now every time I try to run the program, a dialog comes up asking for registration key.  The only option I have is to "Register" or "Close".  I found my email that had my software key and entered it in again, and clicked on the [Register] button.  But as soon as I do so, the program closes immediately.  Clicking the [Close] button does the same.


1.  Why has my key expired after roughly 1 month?


2. I was assured by your website that the SMS program WOULD continue to work even after the key expired.  Is this what I can expect at the end of my year's license if I don't renew?


This is a bit frustrating.



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Please send a mail to support@smartmobilestudio.com it will go directly to our help desk solution, from which we can solve these problems easily (-> automatically triggers notifications to all relevant persons).


While not being into sales, I was able to send you a temporary license by mail. It should keep you working until these issues are solved.

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I was contacted offline and given another trial key that got by system going again.  After I was able to get past that registration dialog (but not before), I could see that my SMS executable was the *enterprise* edition, not the professional edition that I had a key for.  I had apparently been running on a different key (the trial one).  I had put in my professional edition in to the trial software without any problems, forgetting that I had the wrong executable.   I was contacted again by Jorn pointing out the probable issue.  So I downloaded the separate professional eddition, and it worked right away.  I didn't even have to enter the new key in, it already new.  So I am back in business.


Things that could be improved with SMS to prevent future confusion with other users:


-- On the key registration dialog, list the current version of the application.


--When a user, while using a trial key, enters a key for a different version, notify them that  the key is invalid for the current executable.


Just suggestions.


Thanks for the support.



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I'm glad we figured it out!



Thank you for the suggestions regarding the registration dialog.

Good suggestions!


Yes, we know that we need to do some improvements here.

Actually, the whole registration process needs an overhaul and we do have some plans.

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