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?Bug in IDE saving.

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I'm having a strange problem with the IDE not saving properly today. It appears to be keeping a hidden buffer that is out of date, and is saving THAT out. I have had this problem with one particular file today, I'm not sure why this one is causing the problem


Steps to reproduce this on my system

1. Open File (my file name is ORFn.pas)

2. Make a small change and save. E.g. I put //test1 at the top of the file

3. Open file from file system, outside of SMS, into Notepad. Note that //Test1 is present, so save was correct.

4. Exit SMS. Agree to saving changes to the project during exit. Open ORFn.pas file from file system into notepad. The //Test1 is now missing. It was overwritten with the version that was present when SMS first opened.


I guess I can program in Notepad, but it's not as good.



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