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Bug in IDE X,Y save

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The X and Y coordinates of the cursor are getting swapped during save.

This should be a simple bug to fix.


Sequence to demonstrate:

1) I go to line (Y) 800, and put my cursor at column (X) = 3

2) Exit the project, saying YES to saving changes

3) Reload the project.

4) My cursor is now at Line (Y) 3 and column (X) 800, as shown on status bar at the bottom of the application.


This is a bother because it causes the code to not be shown, and I have to drag the scroll bar all the way back to the left.


The file I am currently porting has 2400 lines. I wonder if it might break something if I saved with the cursor on line 2000, and then return to have it at column 2000. I haven't tried it.




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