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Compiler unable to handle large project

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I contacted support directly on 5/12/14 (9 days ago as of this writing) with a reproducable compiler error. The SMS confirmed that the error existed, but indicated they were too busy to determine the cause. Now, over a week later, I have still not heard back despite a followup email asking for a time estimate as to when it could be looked at.


Below is part of my initial message


I am porting a large pascal application. I have really just gotten started, but I am concerned that I have already overloaded the compiler. I have been slowly adding in one file after another. And suddenly I have started getting strange behavior. I posted on the board about the IDE not saving my file (ORFn.pas) correctly when it was large. I got past that by editing it outside SMS. But now I am getting bizarre compiler errors:


[iDE] Compiling solution VistAREST ..

[iDE] Compilation failed!

[iDE] Internal error: 'Error: Trying to create an instance of an abstract class [line: 436, column: 40, file: W3ListBox]

Error: Trying to create an instance of an abstract class [line: 244, column: 33, file: W3Animation]

Error: Trying to create an instance of an abstract class [line: 131, column: 35, file: W3Image]

Error: Trying to create an instance of an abstract class [line: 154, column: 35, file: W3Image]

Syntax Error: Invalid class typecast


[iDE] Failed to build project: Access violation at address 007443B9 in module 'SmartMS.exe'. Read of address B60F0DB7



I think this is an issue of the project being larger than has perhaps been compiled with SMS before, and I wonder if it is a memory allocation error. When the compiler starts generating access violation errors, and complains of errors in units that I have not touched, it makes me suspicious of bad pointers. I'm not even using W3Animation in my code that I know of.


I can supply further details or debug output if desited/needed (already submitted to SMS directly).


I don't see how I, as a user of the compiler, could be responsible for this bug. That is to say that this is not my problem to figure out. And it seems like the SMS team would like to take the opportunity to explore the reproducable error in code.


I frustrated by the lack of response on this SMS error.






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The delay is most likely related to the fact that we are wrapping up v2.1 these days, and that we want to investigate this issue in a fairly stable version of 2.1.


I'll track down the case and see if it's possible to give you a better answer about the cause.

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After some investigation:


I believe we have fixed this for v2.1.

(We hope to release a beta by the end of May).


We still want to test this issue closer in v2.1 as I said.


The error seems to be related to empty units.

We have successfully compiled "heavier" projects before...



Would this info help you to get around the problem until v2.1?



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Sorry. The "empty unit"-stuff was probably something else.

I think you can forget about that (unless you have any really empty units "unit Whatever;" in your project"?)



Eric Grange looked into this as reported that the error occurred because of a specific kind of property being invoked on an "as" cast, like in "(Foo as TBar).MyProperty".


A workaround is to assign the result of the "as" in a temporary variable.


This is also fixed in v2.1 :-)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Currently there are still about 100 issues marked for v2.1 in our internal bugtracker. However, lots of these are already done and only need some testing. Others will surely be postponed, as it doesn't fit into our current roadmap for 2.1 (e.g. we planned to have a neat integration of documentations, but that's partly postponed for 2.2 I guess).


From what I know from the past, I would expect things to go quickly once we find some time for the team. Since the regular team meetings are scheduled for Friday, I can probably already say that there won't be much news until then.


At the same time we have a hotfix 2 release maintained for v2.0. If for some reasons there will be further delays, we can decide to release this instead or at the same time as a first beta, which typically comes before the next release.


Once there is something ready for presentation it will be announced in the 'News' section of this website.


I hope this helps a bit already. We're definitely giving our best here, but we're only a small team.

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