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In app purchases?

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Hi Takavoir.


We haven't planned to wrap any of the Phonegap plugins yet, but that's a good idea.


I don't know anything about the details in the Phonegap plugins, so I'm not sure how easy/hard this would be.



If you're aiming for an App-store registered IAP, I believe this plugin is the best solution (I wanted to have a look at it before replying. Thus the delay).



If it's OK to run your payment-solution, then I would suggest that you have a look at Gumroad. That's the same solution we use for Smart. It's dead simple to set up, and it's dead simple to use. Gumroad support a fully fledged API (https://gumroad.com/api) where you can manage nearly anything, but it also has support for a simple HTTP Post based "Ping" feature (https://gumroad.com/ping) where you can track live when purchases are made.


With this Ping solution you would need to manage user-id etc on your own server and enable/disable the various features by checking against this database.


With the API you would be able to run the purchase trough your own purchase form.



Oh, they have just added support for a simple license management as well. Gumroad will keep track if all the subscribers, and you can simply call a service to verify if the subscriber is valid or not. (https://gumroad.com/guide/basics/license-keys).



Hope this helps you a step further.






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AFAIK you are not allowed to use third-party payment solutions within mobile apps, at least to be published in the AppStore.


You are enforced to use the payment API of the platform, then give back your 30% to Apple.

I suspect this is more or less the same for Android.


So, as a consequence, Gumroad is not an option, nor Paypal...


We *need* to support native in-app purchases. It is mandatory for us to get some money from our application. We will use the very common publication way of one free app, then in-app purchases for additional features or content.


IMHO native in-app purchase in SMS is of much higher interest for any business software than RemObject or DataSnap support.

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I guess you're right.


For a moment there, I was under the impression that they had lowered the requirements on this area.


A quick "research" (read "googling") took me to this SO post:



It states that you can maintain your subscribers trough your own solution and give them access to various features of you app based on this. You cannot maintain (add subscribers) trough an IAP-ish solution...



This workaround doesn't make your request less valid!

We should definitely add support for the IAP-plugin!

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