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We'll need to check out on the error. Could it be that you don't have a project open?



The purpose of this function is to add additional, external (non-source-code) recourses to the project. Such as images, video-files and audio-files. These files will be included in the project. If you save the project as a single-file-project, these resources will be base64 encoded and added into the xml-structure of the project file. Once you compile the project, the files will be extracted to the res-folder.



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I can reproduce the issue, with SMS, and an opened project.

Button sounds to be not tied to an action.


You can add a resource by right-clicking the "Resources" tree in the left panel.


BTW, when I download a project, the unit source is displayed in a weird position, not the beginning, but somewhere in the middle of the file, with a huge column offset. As a result, I have to press Ctrl+Begin to go to the beginning of the file. Annoying.

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The huge offset issue has been fixed in the upcoming v2.1. It was the result of a confusion between X<->Y [line<->char or call it col<->row] coordinates in the editor. These were stored, but exchanged every time the project opened.


The unlinked resource button has also been solved. Also the Add/New buttons have now been clarified so that it is now more clear whether a new and empty file is added or whether an externally existing file is added.

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