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Yeah. That's the idea of the subscription model. You get major and minor (bug-fixes) updates as long as you're a subscriber. If you quit the subscription, the most recent versions you were eligible to install will last forever...


Previous downloads are available here:



(We should build a web site interface for those links...)



You should have access to 2.0.1.

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I agree with Jason Reid the way the subscription model works is that you end up with a SMS build with known bugs and issues that you cannot fix with the hotfixes - i.e., we have a product that doesn't actually do what was advertised, which feels wrong.


In the IDE if I bring up the license info there is no date for expiry at all which is very confusing. The creation date is 30/12/1899 and all other fields are blank - which is would suggest unlimited license or the license info is buggy :)




I believe this is a great project but I feel that subscription model is convoluted and fundamentally unfair to the end user and also that the lack of a reasonable price to continue the subscription is a huge dis-insensitive to continue paying each year.




I was keen to have a look at 2.1 but I am not willing to shell out $400 for the privilege.









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Nah. I like the subscription model. It encourages us (as vendors) to keep a balanced priority between new features and bux-fixes. If we used a (version-based) license-model where "new features" where the only renewal-factor, then we would (probably):

1) add "cheap" features to make new versions more attractive on the paper

2) speculate on which features we should hold back and release with a newer version


I often see other software that adds so-called "new features" to a new version just to get old customers to upgrade. IMO/IME, this often generates shallow and crappy features (eg. lite versions of third party products), and still: no bug-fixing for older versions.


We constantly fix bugs and we constantly add new features, and we ship them as soon as possible without any further speculations. Everyone who's "with us" will get these benefits immediately. It's a very honest way to do software development.


If someone thinks we're too slow or too expensive, then fine. Just cancel the subscription and use the software forever in the current state. Feel free to speculate as a customer. We don't want to speculate as vendors...




I appreciate the honest feedback, though.

We definitely want the model to be fair and attractive for loyal customers!


This is one of the motivations behind the various editions of Smart. Way easier to select the appropriate "level" based on the actual needs you have.




And yeah! The license-info is buggy :-(

I admit that that "feature" hasn't been on the high priority list. After all, there's sooo much other fun stuff to do ;-)


We are planning for some improved update-routines for v2.2, btw.

This will include an automated update-features based on the license you have.


For now, you just need to check the "expiry date" in the license mail and pick the right version from: http://smartmobilestudio.com/release-history/




Oh, if you want to try out a new version - just ask for a time-limited trial key! ;-)

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