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what is the best and future proof way to organize the following project structur, when using 3rd party UI controls? Where to store the re-usable files?


Project files.

  • 3rd Party framework (JavaScript files)
  • 3rd Party wrappers (SmartMS pas files)
  • 3rd Party css files
  • Project specific files


  • The 3rd party framework + wrappers should be stored on a central place, in order it can be reused, by other projects.
  • I also want to transfer the project if necessary easily to another computer (e.g. VMware, other developer machine), without changing absolut pathes, scattered in different files.
  • I don't want to have different copies for the same framework. So copying the whole framework for each project should be avoided. Because then I would lose control of what and where is newest framework + wrappers.

The current issue I see is:

  • I need to manually add my wrappers to the .sproj file with with full path name.
  • I need to specify the full path in the resource section {$R 'file:.js'} for the JavaScript library itself.
  • I need to include the css file with path in the default.html (Custom Template) file.
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