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Duplicates not allowed

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Are you not able to open all old projects or a particular old project?


How old is the project (I suspect it is at least v2.0)?


At any time you can open the .sproj file, which is a pure XML file to check whether there is something odd. Often some tags are just present several times, which might cause the conflict. However, I'm not sure how you got these duplicates though.


Also, it might help to delete local .dsk files, which might have a wrong references or reference a file twice, causing that message.

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I got it: the upgrade was a coincidence.

The real reason was the following: The name of my project was 'Forms' (not very original I know :) then I renamed the unit created by default 'Unit1' with the same name than the project itself 'Forms'...

So in the sproj file I had: 


<File type="unit">
  <File type="main">
This works fine until you close the project and try to reopen it (after an upgrade in my case).
This situation is responsible for the 'Duplicates not allowed' message to appear at project opening time...
As soon as I changed the unit name to something different, I was able to open the project.

Looks like a bug to me, what do you think?

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