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Registering new components (like Delphi packages)

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Is there any documentation or examples showing how to create and register custom components with the IDE?

There isn't any official documentation about this yet. In particular the registration as in Delphi isn't possible (now) as it would require to mix code that is meant for execution in a JS engine with code that can be executed in the IDE (e.g. call register function). That said, it's not impossible, but very hard to implement to make sure no code is executed that require the DOM for example.


Instead, a dialog is available to bundle units (containing components) to packages. Given the fact that this feature is rather new (introduced in v2.0) it's still a bit limiting and subject of improvements in the upcoming hotfix (to be released soon).


An article about package generation can be found in the news/blog section. The direct link for the article is http://smartmobilestudio.com/2013/12/22/new-package-manager/


New packages are likely to be added for the next (major) release. If you want to contribute your own packages feel free to contact us at support@smartmobilestudio.com

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